haitifundraisercoverphotoDear Friends,
As many of you know, a little over a month ago, the eye of Hurricane Matthew hit my family’s home community of Dantan, just outside of Les Cayes, Haiti.  My dad, who moved back home after retiring, was there for the hurricane and watched as 85% of the community was left homeless and without any resources.
Many of you asked me about ways that you could help Haitian people during this time.  That of course got me thinking about how I could directly help Dantan, the small farming community that has been home to five generations of my family and counting.  Together with my family, I have set up a Crowdrise fundraiser to help raise funds to rebuild our community school, Ecole Presbyteral Fatima de Dantan, which was destroyed in the storm:  https://www.crowdrise.com/rebuild-ecole-presbyteral-fatima-de-dantan/fundraiser/nathaliejoachim
More than an education center, the school serves as a mobile clinic site, a space for community gathering, and a safe haven in times of need.  It is the anchor of Dantan, and so I ask you to join me helping to get it back up and running.
We are looking to raise a minimum of $5000, so please donate if you can, and help me spread the word by sharing the donation site and video on social media.  Big thanks for helping us continue to do good in this world.