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Transformation for flute, recorded voice, and electronics (2020, 4 min.)
The Race: 1915
for solo cello, spoken text and electronics (2019, 7 min.)
Watch Over Us for solo violin and electronics (2019, 8 min.)
Dam Mwen Yo for solo cello and processed field recordings (2016, 6 min.)
Wander for flute, recorded voice and electronics (2010, 6 min.)
Aware for flute, recorded voices and electronics (2009, 7 min.)

(2-6 instruments)
S P A C E for voice, flute, violin and interactive lighting (2022, 30 min.)
Radical Revelations for reed quintet (2022, 10 min.)
Beginning Again for string quintet and percussion (2022, 7 min.)
They Found Me In Pieces for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello (2022, 4 min.)
Discourse for voice, flutes, drums, cello, viola and electronics (2022, 65 min., co-written with Allison Loggins-Hull)
Note to Self for percussion quartet and electronics (2021, 15 min.)
Lalin for clarinet and cello (2021, 5 min.)
Seen for woodwind quintet (2021, 15 min.)
Held Together for two guitars and electronics (2020, 8 min.)
Fanm d’Ayiti for flute, voice, string quartet and electronics (2018, 60 min.)
Like a Storm for two flutes (2012, 6 min., co-written with Allison Loggins-Hull)
Brown Squares for two flutes and electronics (2010, 4 min., co-written w/ Allison Loggins-Hull)
Crazy for two flutes and electronics (2010, 4 min.)
Life Lines for two flutes and electronics (2010, 6 min.)

(7-18 instruments)
Ki moun ou ye for voice, flutes, clarinet, french horn, violin, viola, percussion, and electronics (2022, 65 min.)
All There Is Is Now
for eight voices (2022, 8 min.)
Desert In: Love is Like the Sea for voices, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion (2021, 10 min.)

Family for SATB choir and orchestra (2022, 13 min.)
Fanm d’Ayiti Orchestral Suite for voice flute, and orchestra (2022, 20 min.)
Black Being for voice and flute soloists, and orchestra (2021, 65 min. co-written with Allison Loggins-Hull)
Dos Uno Nuevo by Omar Apollo; arrangement for string orchestra (2020, 4 min.)

Glitch Oasis fixed media work commissioned by Civic Orchestra of Chicago (2020, 4 min.)
Ballet Experiments
fixed media score commissioned by Helen Simoneau Danse  (2017, 15 min.)
Land Bridge fixed media score commissioned by Helen Simoneau Danse (2016, 60 min.)
Ulysses in 3 score commissioned by Park Avenue Armory for Ulysses Owens, Jr. (2015, 20 min.)
Moving Words for flute, cello, electronics, live video and dancers (2008, 60 min.)

for SATB choir and piano (2022, 13 min.)
Blood Sister
for treble voice choir and viola (2020, 8 min.)