Issa podcast, friends! I cannot wait to be featured on Chicago’s first ever Resonant Bodies Festival, April 6-8. You should go the whole festival, but my set is on April 8th at 7:30pm, sharing the stage with Pamela Z and Jessie Marino aka…ICONIC QUEENS. I met up with Resonant Bodies Artistic Director, Lucy Dhegrae, to chat about Fanm d’Ayitimy latest project commissioned by St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music series premiering on March 14. I’ll be presenting excerpts from the work on the Resonant Bodies Festival. Take a listen, and do go out and buy tickets for BOTH shows:

March 14: World premiere of Fanm d’Ayiti in St. Paul, MN

April 8: Excerpts from Fanm d’Ayiti on the Resonant Bodies Festival in Chicago, IL.

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