I had a great time delving into conversation with composers and artists inti figgis-vizueta, duo Mazumal (vocalist Felicia Chen & cellist Olivia J. P. Harris), and Brin Solomon, for a 3-part series of interviews titled “Making Art in Today’s Social Climate,” covered by Annika Socolofsky for National Sawdust Log. We discussed many topics, specifically navigating the complexities of identify within our collective fields. When asked the question “What motivates you to make art that engages with identity?” I responded that “This idea of human connectivity, how we’re all connected, what it means to really empower people to define their own identity, and to be allowed to exist wholly in those identities—that concept has changed my artistic practice for the foreseeable future. I’m deeply interested in our narrative. I’m deeply interested in understanding our histories, how they overlap, how they differ from one another, and what it means for us to move forward in this life together.” Read the entire interview here!

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