Wow. I have received many nice reviews in my day, but this one in The Nation is legitimately the review of my dreams for Fanm d’Ayiti – a project that represents all of me. To put myself out there – every piece of me – and be recognized in this way…it’s something. It’s everything really. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart for supporting the album!

It was hard to decide on just one pull quote, but here’s a doozy:

“Among the wonders of Fanm d’Ayiti is the meticulous balance of its disparate elements. Joachim has not used a string quartet to “elevate” folk materials, nor employed folk materials to make chamber music more accessible. Joachim doesn’t treat traditional Haitian music and classical new music—and electronics—as equally valid; she treats them like a single thing.

Joachim created Fanm d’Ayiti in tribute to women who, in her words, have been “committed to carrying forward the story of the first free black republic—people known for making treasured somethings out of nothing.” In the process, she has drawn inventively from the musical resources of multiple heritages to make something of a treasure herself.”

Click below to have a read of the full review. It’s everything I hoped folks would receive and understand about this musical offering, and the moment that I’m at in my career. I am immensely grateful.

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