Nathalie is super proud to have been named a featured artist on the first ever Chicago edition of the Resonant Bodies Festival. The festival will take place Friday through Sunday, April 6-8, at Constellation! On April 8, Nathalie will present selections from here SPCO + Liquid Music Commissioned work, Fanm d’Ayiti, featuring original music alongside songs of the most prominent women in Haitian music history. Other featured festival artist include Pamela Z, Jessie Marino, Alejandro T. Acierto, Jenna Lyle, Nina Dante, Tony Arnold, Sophia Burgos, and Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

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About Resonant Bodies:

The Resonant Bodies Festival—“in equal measures intelligent, playful, ambitious and moving” (New York Times)—is a festival of contemporary vocal music that presents nine dynamic vocalists across three nights. The Festival showcases “today’s most talented singers… seamlessly blend[ing] classical, avant-garde and indie-folk” (Feast of Music). Vocalists are invited to curate and perform in their own 45-minute sets, with no restrictions on repertoire, format, or style. This freedom gives each show a “happy zealousness, where the singers’ enthusiasm for their repertoire [is] contagious” (Sequenza 21).

The “indispensable” and “essential” Festival (New York Times), founded in 2013, has already made an important contribution to the new music scene and is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear virtuosic contemporary music vocalists perform cutting-edge repertoire. With a generous grant from the Ellis L. Phillips Foundation, the festival is expanding its reach beyond New York City to Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.


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